Are you overwhelmed with where to start or how to hold yourself accountable to your goals? One-to-one coaching is a great way to get started.


Customized to your needs

From designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation and support, your coach is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through an individualized approach. Programs available for all experience levels!

Personal attention

You won't find the normal distractions of a big gym here. Exercise coaching will engage your fullest potential and allow you to reach your health & wellness goals through focused, private sessions designed with you in mind and no one else.


We commit ourselves to our clients, putting 110% into everything we do. We expect you to not only commit to us, but also to commit to yourself to be the best you can be! 

Faster results

Every body is unique, and our one-to-one exercise coaching delivers research-based programs founded upon thoughtful intuition, science, and your particular health and lifestyle goals. Because you are completing workouts designed specifically for your goals, you are receiving the most benefit for your time invested. 

Reduced risk of injury

Each session is tailored and progressive. Together, we’ll learn about your body and integrate specific exercises designed to cultivate personal growth. Whether your goal is strength and conditioning, pain-free movement, muscle gain, weight loss, better balance and agility, or increased speed, we have a wealth of knowledge that we’d like to share with you. You’ll see results and feel them too.

For everyone

We work with people of all sizes, genders, abilities, and desires. Whether you are a natural athlete or a stay-at-home parent, personal training will take you to the next level. We’ll equip you with all the necessary tools to rebuild, regenerate, and change unproductive habits and limiting beliefs. We embrace you with no judgment. 

This is an investment you’ll keep for a lifetime. With specialties ranging from human mechanics to sports performance to corrective exercise, we are a dedicated group of exercise coaches. We have a passion for teaching and coaching and we’re excited to grow alongside you.

5 Steps to Success



Our consultation is about YOU. You'll sit down with a professional coach and discuss where you're at, where you want to go, and what specific lifestyle and fitness solutions we have to ensure your success.



Over the first 3 sessions, your coach will take you through a functional movement assessment consisting of three basic movements. This ensures your workouts are challenging enough for your skill level, but don't exhaust you from the start.



Train under the watchful eye of one of our highly skilled coaches at your convenience. You will be welcomed into the family of growth-oriented individuals. Your training utilizes some of the highest quality equipment Santa Cruz has to offer. 



While we do our part to ensure your success one at a time, you are in control of the other 23 hours. Aligning your nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise routine with your goals helps us maximize your results from training. We help you uncover YOUR why and how of healthy living.



We don't just talk about results. We deliver. Your success is our success. We help you define what fitness means to you as you grow into your full potential. Maintaining regular feedback with your coach ensures you are reaching your maximum in every session.