Mavericks Fitness Private and Clean Fitness Studio For Personal Training

Suspension trainer


Stall Bars



We have a variety of unique equipment that will challenge you in ways you've never experienced before. 

Squat Rack


The Slimbeam delivers a professional cable exercise station for every kind of training. Its biggest advantage is the butterfly, enabling work on one or both sides of the body. It can be swiveled and set at any height. The weights are smooth and silent. Hand grips are made from natural products.

Swing Kettle Bells made with Solid Walnut and Leather in Private Fitness Studio

Competition Squat/Bench Rack


The swing bells, made with solid walnut handles and leather, challenge your balance, stability, and grip strength. 

Filled with lead shot

Curved Incline Manual Treadmill Made out of Walnut in Personal Training Gym

Water Rowers

This manual treadmill offers the advantages of a self-determined running workout. The curved incline allows running to feel easy and natural, and the belt is designed to immediately adjust to the runner's strength and running style. This delivers a higher intensity, more effective workout compared to motorized treadmills, and burns up to 30% more calories per workout.


Weight limit: 350 pounds

Echo Bike


With the ability to take most of the equipment outdoors, you can soak up some vitamin D while getting in shape.

Ski Erg for a full-body workout that mimics Nordic Skiing at Mavericks Fitness

Ski Erg


The SkiErg, by Concept 2, is designed to mimic Nordic skiing. As one of the toughest workouts around; it develops both strength and endurance in the arms, core, and legs. This machine can be used for both double pole and alternating arm techniques. Weight limit: 300 pounds

Water Grinder Exercise Machine for upper body endurance in Private Fitness Studio

Peg Board


Are you looking for upper body endurance? Do you have an injury that prohibits most forms of cardiovascular exercise? We bought this very machine with you in mind. The Water Grinder effectively trains your upper body - chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs.