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Middle Age Woman Exercising at Home on her Phone through Mavericks Fitness App


If you’re a person who wants to feel stronger, have more energy, and is looking to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds (or more) of stubborn body fat — you owe it to yourself, to your body, to your family, and to your quality of life to keep reading.

And how many times have you felt a small twinge of grossness reading said headlines? Let me guess? Every single time?

Let's be real. You didn’t come here for a sales page. In fact, I know why you came here. You came here because you’re in need of coaching.

 More specifically, you came here because you want:

  • Workouts that work, not another program you quit

  • Nutrition that fits your life, not another diet you have to fit your life around.

  • Results that don’t require making the gym a second (or third) job 

  • A coach as invested in you as you are in the program

  • To show yourself that you’re capable of making a commitment and following through.

And you want someone who helps you follow through with your commitment — an Obi-Wan to your Luke.


That’s what my coaching is. That’s exactly what my coaching program does for you. I give you all the tools and support you need to succeed, everything down to the weights.


Pilates Stretches with an Online Personal Trainer

We meet for an in-person assessment so I can develop a 360 degree approach to your movement and fitness goals.

Tricep Extensions with an Online Private Trainer

We create your customized workout program based on your goals, experience, and equipment and deliver either full workout videos or exercise instruction.

Outdoor Workout with the Mavericks Fitness Mobile Personal Training App

Through your feedback, we continuously make progress towards your goals through movement education and workout enhancements.

Personal Training Through a Mobile Private Fitness App

A Personal Trainer

in your Pocket

The perks of in-person training.

The convenience of an app.

Mavericks Fitness Mobile App for Personal Training

Customized to your needs

From designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation and support, your coach is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through an individualized approach. Programs available for all experience levels!

Personal attention

Exercise coaching will engage your fullest potential and allow you to reach your health & wellness goals through how-to videos designed with your goals in mind.

Mavericks Fitness Mobile App for Nutrition
Mavericks Fitness Mobile App messaging a private trainer


You don't have to worry about scheduling a specific time. Workouts are delivered daily. Complete your workout at your own convenience. Because you are completing workouts designed specifically for your goals, you are receiving the most benefit for your time invested.

Pilates Stretches with an Online Personal Trainer

You'll receive 3 strength workouts a week plus cardio and flexibility on other days. Everything is catered to your specific goals.

Tricep Extensions with an Online Private Trainer

We provide you with all the equipment you need. We offer kettlebells, maces, bands, weight plates, and more.

Outdoor Workout with the Mavericks Fitness Mobile Personal Training App

Includes a private training session once every 4 weeks to assess your progress and correct any form issues.

A week of personal training for the cost of one session.

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