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Structural Integration for Transgender Bodies

Structural Integration can be particularly beneficial for transgender people for several reasons:

  1. Body alignment: Transgender people often experience discomfort or dysphoria related to their body alignment, particularly if they have undergone hormone therapy or surgery. Structural Integration can help to optimize body alignment, which can in turn help to alleviate physical discomfort and improve overall bodily function.

  2. Improved body awareness: Many transgender people may feel disconnected from their bodies, particularly if they are experiencing dysphoria or discomfort related to gender identity. Structural Integration can help to increase body awareness and promote a sense of embodiment, which can be especially important for those undergoing gender transition.

  3. Reduced muscle tension and pain: Hormone therapy and surgery can cause changes in muscle tone and tension, leading to discomfort or pain. Structural Integration can help to release tension in the muscles and fascia, promoting relaxation and reducing pain.

  4. Improved self-image and confidence: Structural Integration can help to improve overall body awareness and comfort, which can in turn contribute to a more positive self-image and increased confidence.

It's important to note that Structural Integration may not be appropriate for all transgender individuals, particularly those with certain medical conditions or injuries. It's important to consult with us to determine whether Structural Integration is a safe and appropriate option. Additionally, it's important to approach Structural Integration as one part of a broader approach to healthcare and well-being.

I am not only experienced with working with the transgender population, I am also transgender myself. Having transitioned for 9 years so far, I was inspired do dive deep into what exercise and bodywork can do to heal from the inside out. It has led to an increase in height, easier, more fluid movement, an easier time growing muscle size, and improved mental health.

It was a true gift to find my alignment after finding my orientation in the world. I cannot recommend it enough. It's one of the many reasons I strive to be the best at what I do. I want to make you feel as aligned, fine-tuned, and resilient as I do.

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