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The Plus Size Guide for Working Out

Weight loss usually requires eating less and moving more. The second half of that formula can be daunting if your size makes you feel uncomfortable at the gym. Solve that dilemma by tapping into exercise motivation on a grand scale.

Of course, it’s especially important to talk with your doctor before beginning any workout routine if you’re significantly overweight or if you’ve been sedentary for a long time. Your health care team can recommend a program that’s safe for you.

The good news is that you’re likely to find a range of activities you can enjoy whatever your physical condition. Try these tips to help you get started.

Exercise Motivation Tips

1. Choose the right facility. We cater to people of all sizes. We will have you perform full body exercises that raise your heart rate to a sustainable level. Our goal is not to exhaust you in the first five minutes. We don't isolate muscles at this point because there's little point. If a trainer has you performing bicep curls, they don't understand how to train plus size bodies.

2. Inspire others. You can feel good knowing that your efforts may encourage the people around you to become more active. It’s especially gratifying if you can instill healthy habits in your children while they’re young.

3. Burn calories faster. You actually have at least one advantage over smaller people. You burn up more energy doing the exact same number of squats because of your larger body size.

4. Celebrate dramatic changes. It’s difficult to tell if a person loses a single inch off their waist, but big weight losses are obvious. Take pleasure in watching your measurements change. Accept compliments from others graciously.

5. Set intermediate goals. It can be overwhelming to dwell on your final target weight. Establish incremental milestones and reward yourself for reaching them.

6. Improve your health. Looking good in a bikini is nice, but there are more important things in life. Working out helps to get many medical conditions under control, including diabetes and high blood pressure. It could also extend your life and give you more time with your loved ones.

7. Focus on your best assets. Start loving your body now. Maybe you have elegant long fingers or thick lustrous hair.

Workout Ideas

1. Go for a walk. Walking is free, effective, and safe for most people. Start out with small distances and work your way up.

2. Exercise in a chair. Chair exercises are great for seniors and for accommodating a variety of physical conditions. We can show you a variety of exercises you can do.

3. Swim laps. Water makes exercising fun and it’s easy on your joints. Check if any of your local hotels sell in-town memberships that let you use the pool as much as you want.

4. Ride a bike. Similarly, cycling let you exercise sitting down. With a stationary bike you can stick to your routine regardless of the weather.

5. Sign up for low impact aerobics. For more variety, try an aerobics class designed to keep your feet on the ground. You’ll get your heart rate up without any jumping around.

6. Hop on exercise machines. Rowing machines are a great low impact option that improve strength and cardiovascular health.

7. Train for strength. Remember that resistance training contributes to losing weight. You’ll build up your muscle mass so that you burn more calories. As a bonus, you’ll also look more toned.

8. Modify Pilates and yoga poses. The physical and mental health benefits of Pilates and yoga can help you shape up and resist emotional eating. Work with an instructor who will recommend the best poses for your needs.

Effective fitness programs come in all sizes. Find the incentives that work for you. You’ll be rewarded with a trimmer figure and better health.

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