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What is Anatomy Trains?

Anatomy Trains is a model of human anatomy and movement developed by Tom Myers, a bodyworker and manual therapist. It is based on the idea that the body is connected and integrated through a series of myofascial "trains" or chains that run throughout the body. The trains serve as a map to understand movement and tension patterns. Instead of looking at one muscle or one specific area of the body, this model helps us understand that dysfunction may hide away from the area of pain.

These myofascial trains are made up of interconnected chains of muscles and fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles and other structures in the body), which work together to create movement and support the body. The Anatomy Trains model identifies 12 of these myofascial trains, each with a different function and pattern of movement.

The Anatomy Trains model is based on the principle that the body should be viewed as a whole, rather than as a collection of individual parts. By understanding the relationships between different parts of the body, and how they work together to create movement, Anatomy Trains can help to improve overall function and performance, as well as reduce pain and discomfort.

The Anatomy Trains model is used by manual therapists, movement professionals, and other healthcare practitioners to assess and treat a variety of conditions related to movement and posture. By using the model to identify areas of restriction or dysfunction in the myofascial chains, practitioners can develop targeted treatment plans to restore balance and improve overall function.

Rock is an Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator. He has spent countless hours learning directly under Tom's watchful eye and experienced hands. Rock has also assisted Tom in several courses in bodywork and body reading. His movement and bodywork practice uses Anatomy Trains maps combined with numerous certifications to create a more holistic and comprehensive approach. Rock is excited to soon become Anatomy Trains newest teacher and share a new way of looking at the body.

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