Rent by the hour for your personal use or with a client

We understand the importance of social distance and staying healthy. We also understand the importance of having a clean, safe facility with effective equipment. Our private gym rental allows you to exercise while maintaining social responsibility and personal health.


All surfaces and equipment are sanitized with disinfectant before and after each use by our staff. 


Tired of working out in front of windows? We limit access to 4 groups: couples, a family residing in the same household, or a trainer and 1-2 clients. 

Unique Equipment

You'll find equipment here that is not available anywhere else in the bay area. Every piece has been selected for comfort and effectiveness. Learn more about our equipment here.


Reservations are required. Standing weekly reservations are accepted and encouraged. To get started, schedule a consultation or call 831-854-7710. You can be working out as soon as today. 

Flexible pricing by the hour

$40 for up to 2 people

$60 for up to 3 people

$100/week for 3x a week with a 4-week commitment (2 people)