“I've had personal trainers on and off for fifteen years and finding a trainer that is goal-based, knowledgeable, dynamic, reliable, and actually instructs in a way that is comprehensible and motivating, is no easy feat.  Rock is all of these things.  Rock is passionate about health and fitness, which combined with his dedication, creativity, and his ever growing knowledge about anatomy, exercise, and nutrition, makes him a great trainer for people of a wide range of  abilities, interests, and needs.

I came to Rock after a long summer vacation of too much indulgence and not enough exercise, in a bit of a slump, with a few injuries, extra pounds, and hopes of reclaiming my motivation of yesteryear.  My squat was atrocious, resulting in a hip and knee sway, even at weights far below my strength ability.  I had known that I lacked glute activation, but my previous attempts at gaining activation and having any mind-body connection were unsuccessful.  With me, Rock has focused on flexibility, myofascial release, glute activation, and increasing mind-body connection throughout all exercises; he has also re-taught proper mechanics for exercises I was already familiar with, patiently explained to me "the why" behind exercises as I ask and ask like only a two year old would, and has given me feedback that is thoughtful and useful.  (Though knowing Rock, there were probably a bunch of other things he was also focusing on that were more behind-the-scenes!)  I was used to either long, slow, marathon sessions at the gym, or fast and furious high intensity ones.  Rock slowed me down; he got me to refocus so that my workouts are deliberate so I am efficiently working on strength gain and flexibility with proper mechanics, for long-term, safe, health.  The day(s) after training with Rock, I am sore.  But now, not with blisters on my hands, knee pain, shoulder pain, a hip flexor that feels like a dry and inelastic rubber band about to snap, but rather with that muscle soreness that screams that you've done well.  Muscles that ask to return to the gym again tomorrow to stretch and roll and continue to develop.  And I am starting to apply Rock's motto of "improvement, not perfection" to not only my fitness, but to other areas of my life as well, which makes me less stressed out, more willing to try, and ultimately happier.  And on the thought of happiness, Rock is incredibly funny.  There is not a session that I do not laugh.  Or sweat.  Or huff and puff.  Every session I leave knowing a little more, feeling a little more able, and feeling a heck of a lot better physically and mentally.  For me, that's a win!"

Laila R / Teacher


I was totally focused on my job and my health suffered as a result.  I knew I needed structured help to get back on track.  Rock is an exceptional coach who is always thoughtful and encouraging.    It's been about six months since I started at Mavericks and I now feel much better, have more energy, and am regaining my inner core strength and flexibility, not to mention improved muscle tone."

Jeff S / Retired

“Rock & Kate are excellent in assessing an individual's ability level and creating a plan to help them achieve their stated goals. More importantly, they understand that each person is unique and a "one size fits all" approach does not work, as such the training is never static or dogmatic in approach, it is constantly evolving and responding in real-time to where the athlete finds themself. Lastly, unlike most trainers they are able to connect the "dots" in terms of anatomy and training; their understanding of how the body works separates them from all the trainers I have worked with over the years. They are without exception the best I have worked with. Highly recommend for those who want to live a better, healthier, and more satisfying life whether you are an athlete with specific goals or not."

Paul S / Customer Service

“I began my fitness and weight loss journey with Rock and Kate in January of 2019. I had always been very active and reasonably fit in my 20's and 30's, but after years of desk work and several injuries and surgeries I found myself over 50, overweight, and in horrible shape...but I didn't realize HOW out of shape until my first consultation! Cut to nine months later I have dropped over 25 pounds and feel stronger, more confident, and more vital than I have in years. I have worked with trainers in the past, but never found their programs to be as comprehensive as Maverick Fitness, and the support and encouragement I got from Rock and Kate was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Their approach to 'functional fitness' is unique and really clicked with me. Their knowledge about the human body and nutrition is remarkable. It takes commitment and hard work, but if you keep showing up and sticking to the program IT WORKS!! Invest in yourself and your future wellbeing...YOU'RE WORTH IT!!"

Nick D / Sales

“Two of our kids have been working with Mavericks Fitness for a while now, and the experience has been nothing but wonderful. 

Here is a comment from a friend of ours about our son during a recent camping trip:

"It was inspiring to be around him on the camping trip. He seemed so happy and social. I loved how he was challenging my boys regarding swimming laps and working out. He talked with pride about 'my trainer.'"

If you are looking for a personal trainer, please consider talking with Rock. It could change your life."

Kevin L / Sales

“Do not be intimidated, this environment is the exact opposite. Rock is caring, nurturing, thoughtful, and is absolutely invested in making you stronger and more flexible while working with you on your particular weaknesses."

Sarah W / Stay-at-home Mom

“I started working out with Rock in March of 2016. In our initial interview, I feel that he really listened to me and asked me about what was my fitness goals, my health issues, and also was very interested in me as a person as well. I have had multiple sclerosis for over 15 years and as a result of my chronic illness have had some problems with balance, muscle pain, stiffness, and mobility. We have worked on these problems along with improving overall core strength and improving my diet and personal habits over the past 22 months and I can say that I can feel the results and see them in my everyday activities. 
Rock is always reliable. if you schedule a session he will be there! His instruction is very motivating and he is always very encouraging, telling you that you did a good job, but at the same time helping you correct your form to get the most out of each exercise without being critical. 
Also, Rock knows his stuff. He has multiple certifications and continues to take classes and seminars to make himself a better trainer. If you have an issue that he is not familiar with, he will research it until he can find a way to help you. About a year ago he correctly identified my shoulder pain as being due to a strain of my teres minor muscle and then did some research to find specific exercises that we could incorporate into my workout sessions to help with this problem. 
I myself am a physician, so I really appreciate the fact that Rock has extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and how it functions and really applies a science-based approach to his work out sessions. He also has a very holistic approach in that he also stresses the importance of nutrition in your overall health and well-being. 
So, if you are looking for a trainer that is motivating, cares about you as an individual, knows his stuff, is reliable, and helps you work to improve your overall health and well-being, then Rock is the person for you."

Keith F / Pediatrician

“Rock Hudson has been part of my life for about four years, and has been mentoring me for a couple of months. He keeps growing as an individual and with this business by learning from all of his clients or friends. He's humble in his work and just wants people to be connected. What he does is effective. It works. Coming to Mavericks Fitness, I can express myself, and laugh while working for a better mind and body connection. On a personal level, I've gained so much self confidence with Rock's motivational talks and quotes, especially when I come in having a rough day. Going through a lot the past two years, getting involved in the wrong crowd, I thought that I was useless and would always be hurting. But after reconnecting with Rock Hudson and coming to Mavericks, He has given me the life skills and support to finally get out of that hole and start my journey to becoming a better man.
Since January of this year, my posture and stance has improved by doing FLOW and being under the guidance of everyone at Mavericks Fitness. Rock and Kate Hudson are able to help me gain muscle mass proportionally and are teaching me how to feel each and every movement in my body. My body is more fluid and keeps getting better. Mavericks is truly the next evolution in fitness!"

Jordan K / Musician

“Worked with Mavericks to help my son gain some extra physical and mental confidence going into an EMS academy. He said Kate was really great, fine-tuned his workouts and pushed him (with kindness) further than he'd have pushed himself. Rock has worked with him as well in conjunction, to help with conditioning and technique. He enjoyed himself and found the experience very valuable. 
I may try them myself! Thanks Mavericks!"


“When I had my consultation with Rock I was over weight and run down from a demanding work schedule. Rock was able to pinpoint my problem areas and helped to build the base strength back in order to avoid reoccurring injuries. I was first amazed by gaining flexibility in my feet again, now I am able to move more freely and without pain and feel more positive on a daily basis. My time training here has been great with amazing results and look forward to the continuing changes to come."

Jason S / Manager

“I started nutrition coaching with Rock in January of 2018. It was something I was curious about, but wasn't really sure what to expect. Rock walked me through what Precision Nutrition is, the philosophy, and habit change modality. After talking with him I thought it seemed accessible and doable. Nutrition coaching sounded so different then anything else I've ever tried when it came to dieting. 

I decided I need to see what it was all about. After 6 months of doing the program, I can't fully express how much shifts when you start making small changes. I feel more empowered to make decision about my nutrition instead of mindless eating. I also feel like this is something I can continue to improve on and see it as a lifestyle, not just a one and done diet. It's a slow process, which feels more sustainable. I'm someone who wants quick results, and can get discouraged, Rock reminds me that even the small wins are valuable. Most importantly, these daily check in's and habit changes are positively impacting other areas of my life. Who knew saying yes, to something like nutrition coaching could affect all areas of my life? Well, Rock did but he let's you figure that out for yourself. And that is the best part, Rock is here to support me in my growth, and not lecture at me what I "should" be doing. Its a true learning experience and something I'm looking forward to seeing how the next 6 months change my perspective and health. 

If you're looking to try something different, and  you are ready for a change I would 100% recommend reaching out to Rock and seeing what Mavericks Fitness has to offer you."

Dejon B / Artist

"Rock brought me back with his revolutionary workouts! Thanks to Rock my low back is stronger than ever and I'm able to get back to doing the sports I love most, especially rowing! Rock is a master trainer! Thank you!"

Leonardo P / Gym Owner

"I needed a little jump start to get me back into working out and back into a healthier lifestyle in general. I heard about Rock and decided to set up an appointment. Rock worked with me to understand my fitness needs, and pushed me to work harder and to make healthier choices. He offered nutrition coaching, which slowly helped me incorporate healthier food into my diet. He's a no BS kind of guy but is patient and incredibly supportive. In only a month, he's gotten me into better shape than I ever have working out by myself. He's very encouraging and will educate you about the workouts he is showing you so that you understand what you're doing, instead of just being told what to do. I would highly, highly recommend Rock to anyone ready to change their life."

Kai D / Customer Service

"Been working with Rock once a week for the last month and the improvement in my mobility at the gym has improved in this short period of time.  What's equally impressive is how I feel at the end of my workday after sitting behind my desk. If you ever have a chance to take a class or work with Rock I highly recommend it."

Tom F / Engineer

"I first met rock in April 2016, when a friend invited me to join one of his group classes. I have a long history of going gung-ho on working out, only to injure myself, get discouraged, and quit. I expressed my fears to Rock and he encouraged me to go at a slower, steady pace. In the past 7 months we have significantly built up my core strength, increased my flexibility ten fold, and have established many healthy habits. 

I haven't been perfect with my food and have gone on vacation several times, but I am happy to report that I have lost 3 pounds, 4.25" in the chest, 1.5" in the upper arm, 7" in the waist, 3" in the thigh, 2" in the calf, and 1" in the hips. I have some big goals for the new year and will be focusing more on weight loss in the upcoming months, but for now I am ecstatic about my results. I am happier, healthier, and more in control that I've ever been in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without Rock's unwavering support. I whole-hearted recommend Rock and Mavericks Fitness to anyone & everyone looking to make positive, lifelong changes."

Brooklyn T / Graphic Designer

"Finding a personal trainer is the worse part of having to relocate.  Fortunately, my research proved well worthwhile with Kate....and no, this is not a misprint.....Kate is another trainer at Maverick's!  I knew what I wanted in a trainer and Kate has meant every challenge I presented her with and there were several.  I am over 60 and noticed that my balance, stamina, and overall fitness was failing me which was quite frightening, so I thought I would try a personal trainer ONE more time.  Kate's approach, knowledgebase, perseverance, and encouragement has won me over.  She has a remarkable grasp of the mechanics, physiology, anatomy, and nutrition that has rewarded me with increased endurance, strength, balance, and an overall sense of determination.  She is not an  "in your face" trainer but she gets the same results as a trainer who might be BUT without experiencing any injuries, stress while working within my limitations and tailoring my workouts so I am always surprised.   Also, I am losing weight in the process...always a nice perk!"

Daryl H / Nurse

"I started training with Rock about a year ago.  I was unable to do sit ups at all and my strength was weak at best.  With 4 young children to chase around, and approaching 50 I needed to improve my flexibility, strength and stamina.  Rock has worked around my schedule to come to my house when I didn't have childcare, and the kids adored him.  When I had surgery recently, he was able to gently coach me back into a full routine.  At different times during my recovery, I used my body in a way where I compensated from the surgery and both Rock and Kate were able to expertly pinpoint which muscles needed work and rolling out or stretching.  Now, recovered from surgery and a year after working out with Rock, I am stronger than I've ever been and just completed 20 full unassisted squats.  I highly recommend Rock as a trainer who can motivate and nudge you into a better you with an arsenal of information, exercises, tools, equipment, jokes, and general great personality!"

Emkay F / Stay-at-home Dad

"When I first met Rock, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been in gyms and in athletics since elementary school, but in the last 6 years had backslid into inaction. With my wedding coming up and vague goals I found Rock who has been nothing but phenominal. With his humor, knowledge and the ability to continue to push you (safely) to past what you think you're capable of, I found myself making rapid improvements and feeling better in and about my own body. He also knows about diet and meal planning enough to work with extreme diet and technical limitations. My only regret is that I won't be able to stay in the gym with him forever."

Bek P / Journalist

"Three years ago I was a very overweight, awkward and unhappy fat kid. Two years ago I started training with Rock,  and he has been such an amazing teacher. Rock doesn't do gimmicks, or quick fixes or macho talk. He is patient, supportive, thorough and honest, and if you have the determination he will help you achieve more than you ever thought you could.  With Rock, I not only lost over 50 pounds of fat, and gained big muscles, but I learned how take care of my body. He hooked me up with great nutrition plans for both bulking and cutting, showed me daily stretching routines to keep me flexible and prevent injury, and drilled the perfect form for every exercise into me, ensuring safety and the best results. Today I am a fit confident young man, thanks in large part to Rock's training. Trust me, this is the investment of a lifetime!"

Spencer M / Student

"Around 2 years ago, when I was 15, I decided to start going to the gym and while looking for a personal trainer I found Mavericks fitness. When I started I was in a bad place in life. I had just failed a year of school due to being sick for too many days of the year and had just hit 280 pounds. Mavericks fitness not only helped me lose weight but I also learned a lot and had a fun time doing it.

Now I have recently hit 200 pounds and have felt much better in day to day life. I’m way more aware of my body and what I eat. Having that hour every other day dedicated to working out has helped me maintain focus, even in online schooling. I’ve not only been shown how to be healthier but also how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I can’t help but recommend Mavericks fitness for anyone looking to feel more comfortable in their body."

Nicholas L / Student

"Training with Rock has been an incredibly rewarding experience that is more than worth the time and money. I was a little bit hesitant to work with a personal trainer, because of my anxiety and other issues, but working with Rock has easily become one of the best investments I've made. It sounds cliche, but it truly has been life changing for me. I have had significant weight loss, muscle gain, improvement in flexibility, and improvement in mobility. Beyond that, I now have a huge increase in energy throughout the day, more confidence than ever before, and a major reduction in daily anxiety (something that has been crucial for me). These things have overall made an amazing difference in my mood. Rock is a dedicated, compassionate, experienced, and hardworking trainer who customizes workouts specifically for you and your body. He is incredibly knowledgeable in not only personal training but nutrition as well and is always there to help. The workouts are challenging and VERY rewarding. Rock pushes his clients to do their best and  adjusts the workouts where needed. When I first started, I would never imagine that I could do the things I am doing with Rock now. I am so impressed with his training style, and after training with him I am impressed with my own self and the achievements I have made with his help. Rock has you train hard, but most importantly he has you train SAFE. He is experienced in working with people recovering from injuries and is serious about injury prevention while training. I honestly could not be happier and would recommend Rock as a trainer to anyone I know. If you are looking into personal training, trust me when I say you should choose Rock!!!!"

Jenna H / Student

"I had great results with Rock, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great personal trainer in Santa Cruz! I started going to him in preparation for my wedding when I felt that I had hit a plateau with my fitness level. We would meet at 5:00 a.m. three days a week, and I always genuinely looked forward to our sessions, even though it was early and I was only half awake. Workouts were always efficient and taught me ways to sustainably train my body in a way that worked for me. He was also fantastic at tailoring exercises for my specific needs and injuries, which I really appreciated. The best part was that I exceeded my weight loss and muscle gain goals and felt at my best on our wedding day. Thank you Rock!"

Lisa M / Management

"Personal trainers are hard for me. All my life I have been very athletic and enjoyed physical activity. Then a few years ago, I had an injury put an end to all that. Now, after multiple surgeries to correct the issue trying to return to my former activity level has been hard. I have tried several different trainers over the course of my rehab but have never really had someone understand the limitations a hip injury causes to your body or the mental hurtles that go with going from very active to barley able to walk correctly. After sitting down with Kate the first time and listening to her story of injury and rehab, I figured I would give her a try. She has so far been one of the best trainers I have worked with for post-rehab training in the area. She has understood the pace we need to take to ensure that I gain strength in my leg prior to pushing forward but has understood the mental blocks I have when we are not progressing fast enough. She has understood that sometimes the smallest of victories like being able to lift my leg over the bike without using my hands, is something that needs to be celebrated. If you are looking for someone to help you overcome mobility issues or recover from a bad injury after physical therapy, Kate is the person to see. I have also lost over 20 pounds and 16 inches overall, and while I can’t yet run I will eventually!"

Joanna B / Banker

"I have been training with Rock now for a little over two months and am amazed by the changes in my figure and energy levels! I have worked with two trainers in the past who seemed to run me through predetermined work outs without taking my individual concerns into account. I was always afraid of working out my upper body for fear of getting too bulky or masculine looking and expressed this concern to Rock, so he tailored my work outs perfectly to tone and sculpt my arms while keeping my overall physique feminine and on point. I have never been happier with my body and now feel confident enough in my form and ability to hit the gym on my own between training sessions. I would highly recommend Rock to anyone looking for a personalized training experience they look forward to going to every week."

Joanna V / Sales

"Unfortunately I'm overweight by 50lbs, lazy, have terrible eating / drinking habits, and have bad posture from sitting on a computer all day. Recently I've had a desire to change my behaviors because I want to live a better lifestyle, and inspired by other Yelpers, I gave Rock at Mavericks Fitness a try to see if he could help me improve my well-being.

Though I was intimidated when coming in to his gym, Rock was and continued to be non-judgmental, cared about positive improvements in my life no matter how big or small, and promoted strength by means of flexibility and healthy/sustainable changes as opposed to forcing me to go through reevaluation of my entire life.

With his approach and my commitment to meeting once a week, I was able to see improved results in my flexibility, stable and realistic weight loss over time, and gain a more positive attitude towards my health. Most importantly, Rock was committed to me - at that included being non-judgmental if I missed our expectations on a given week. He always looked for the positives in what I was changing, and focused on assisting me through our journey.

If you have any desire to find a partner in your health or weight loss goals, please reach out to Rock. I'm so pleased to have found him, and look forward to tacking on at extra 10+ years to my life because of our work."

Russ S / Engineer

"I started with Kate individually and then joined a group class with Rock that meets twice per week.  It has been a year.  I also did the PN online classes.  My weight is down, my energy is up, my diet is better than ever, and I'm sleeping well.  Rock has designed workouts that navigate around my many old injuries and help me recover.  He emphasizes habits and routines that include diet and exercise.  The exercise focuses on  improving overall health, including core work.  Kate and Rock are meticulously outfitting their new space to make it welcoming and functional.  They are actively exploring the space where diet and exercise combine to improve immediate and long-term health.  This has been an excellent experience for me."

Brent H / Professor

"I have been working with Rock for the past 3 months. He has focused me on my mobility and flexibility. I stand have improved in both these areas tremendously. Also I am gaining the benefit of getting stronger. Rock is very knowledgeable and caring to identify the best course for your body and mind."

Lynn F / Manager

"I am a 42 year old male , 5'9,  about 180 pounds, who has been a gym member for years on end. Usually playing basketball, some cardio, some weights, and some swimming but I never saw the results I wanted.  So I decided to take a chance with Rock at Mavericks Fitness.  I was very shocked with just 1 month of twice-weekly training (and some better food habits) I have started to see visible results.  Lost some fat weight, became more flexible and had more energy.  I can definitely say Rock is worth it as he tailors the workouts to meet your goals and teaches you proper movements to get desired results in less time.  I am looking forward to another month and maximizing my work out time with results.  If you're looking for a friendly, qualified trainer, I highly recommend Rock!"

Tanuj K / Sales


“Rock's approach towards fitness and health is unique and effective. I first met him when I was rehabbing tendonitis in my knee, and he has been amazing in both identifying the structural issues and movements that aggravate it and designing exercises around them. He is constantly learning and refining his exercises, and putting that knowledge to work with his clients. 
The weight loss program he uses, Precision Nutrition, has been a game-changer for me.  It's gotten me off the diet wagon and into approaching my food in a whole different, healthier way. I'm not binging.  I'm also not drinking hot lemon water every morning or eating bucketloads of sweet potatoes and kale because that's what I'm *supposed* to do.  I make choices that make sense to me, I pay more attention to what I'm tasting, and I eat until I'm satisfied, not stuffed. This is what sustainability looks like for me - not counting points or calories, just eating sensibly.

I highly recommend Maverick's Fitness to anyone who wants to feel happier in their own body and is frustrated with the traditional approaches to both fitness and dieting.  It's been an incredibly empowering journey."


Kim S / Stay-at-home Mom

“This is my first time working with a personal trainer and thanks to Rock its one of the best decisions i have ever made in my life. He is very knowledgeable and knows what its like for a person just starting out. He got feel for what i wanted to accomplish and has worked closely with me to reach my goals. The workouts are well rounded and he finds your weak spots and focuses on those. Rock is always full of energy and ready to dish out the tough love, pushing me to give my best without hurting myself. My workouts are never easy but the results are starting to show, not only psychically but my form and technique has greatly improved. i have greater definition all over and a much better diet thanks to his guidance. i have a lot more energy and greater confidence, it is much easier to get out of bed in the morning! i am a better person overall thanks to rock.i plan to continue working with him and getting even stronger! thank you for all your help!"

David M / Customer Service