Frequently asked questions


How are Mavericks coaches different?

We consider ourselves coaches who inspire people to succeed in every aspect of life by believing in themselves. By designing a specific exercise and nutrition program catered to your needs, and encouraging you every step of the way, we are going to help you reach your goals faster. How many times have you said to yourself, "I'll start my diet on Monday" or "I'm going to start exercising tomorrow?" The goal of our team is to keep you on track, and allow you to reach your greatest potential by pushing you beyond your comfort zone safely. We will motivate you, challenge you, and help you realize that you're worth more than you even know.

What should I expect in our initial meeting?

The initial consultation is very important because it's a screening between a potential client and our team. Both sides need to agree upon specific goals, get to know each other, and feel comfortable. If you decide to work with our team, we will help you choose a package that fits your goals, budget, and schedule.

How long will it take me to see results?

Every person is different. People new to exercise will feel results immediately. You achieve results by listening to us and following the specific guidelines that are given to you. These guidelines include daily stretching, drinking enough water, and going for a walk. We can only do so much. We are part of the equation but not the whole equation. When you go home, it's important to follow through with your commitment to yourself. We teach you how to implement the positive changes so the at-home struggles are kept to a minimum. For people with a background in training, with certain tweaks to diet and exercise selection, we can achieve your goal sooner than you expected.

How long are training sessions?

All one-to-one exercise sessions are 55 minutes. Health and nutrition coaching sessions are 50 minutes.

How are you different from other trainers?

We are in a private studio that is privately owned. Huge clientele lists are not part of Mavericks Fitness. Through our initial consultation, we are screening people who are willing to change and are serious about their life goals. We train a limited number of people at a time because we want to ensure we can be fully dedicated to each person's success. We don't see you as a number. We consider you a friend. Our clients trust us because we invest ourselves into their success.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. We train barefoot to encourage balance and stability through the feet.

Why do you train barefoot?

We've found that unfortunately, many people don't pay attention to their body until it hurts. By paying special attention to the foundation of our body, our feet, we influence the alignment of the joints up the chain, for example knees, hips, and shoulders. This has a huge impact to the wear and tear on the joints during exercise. We teach exercises that improve your overall health and well-being, not break you down.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give us 24 hours notice if you are going to change or cancel your appointment, otherwise we will have to charge for the session. You can reschedule up to 12 hours in advance of your session.

Do I need a doctor's note to work out?

Our team reserves the right to require medical clearance from a general practitioner for any client they feel may be at risk.

What is the refund policy?

All packages are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person. Extenuating circumstances may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for eligibility of a refund.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, venmo, or credit card, including contactless payment.

Who is a great fit for Mavericks?

A great fit is (or is ready to become): Self-aware Dedicated Positive Eager to learn Ready for change A great listener A great communicator Able to take responsibility for their decisions A poor fit doesn't communicate, respect our time, talk about their struggles as they arise, follow through, or want to do the work required to reach their goal. We're trainers, not magicians. You have to play an active role in your progress. If you aren't ready for real change, we can't take you on as a client.


Am I going to get bulky?

No, even if you put on muscle women do not have the biological disposition to get bulky. If you are attempting to put on a large amount of muscle, specific nutrition and training is required.

Do you have female trainers?

Yes! We have female trainers if that makes you more comfortable. We also have male trainers who are knowledgeable in women's needs and guaranteeing a safe space.

Will the program be adapted for me?

Yes! No matter what your starting point is or what your goals are every program is customized to your individual needs.

What changes can I expect?

You can expect a variety of changes including, but not limited too: improved confidence, sense of well-being, reduced body fat, lean muscle growth, perkier butt, flatter stomach, better posture, and more.

What about cravings?

With our program we address your nutritional needs as well as craving control. In addressing these concerns you will learn to control and anticipate your cravings. We do this through mindful eating practices and creating healthy habits.


Is Mavericks Fitness a good fit for me?

Yes! No matter your age it's never too late to improve your health. Our trainers are experienced with all ages, and hold certifications in exercise for seniors. Everybody needs to be able to get out of bed, out of the car, off the couch, and off the floor. Functional fitness keeps you functional.

I have difficulty moving. Can you help?

Part of our program addresses movement issues. We can adapt your program to a seated or standing position. We routinely get referrals from physical therapists for additional exercises to improve general health, balance, stability, and strength.

I have a limitation (heart, eye, neurological, etc.).

We have no problem discussing your program with your health care providers to ensure it won't negatively effect you. We also work on controlling common illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, and joint instability. We will need a letter from your primary health provider ensuring you are ready for exercise.