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Body Analysis

Body Measurements in Under a Minute

The scale is not a good indicator of your weight loss or muscle gain. Track your progress over time and see exactly where you are gaining muscle and losing fat. Don't wait 6-12 weeks to wonder if your program is working. Our Styku body measurement device gives you 32 different measurements in under a minute that are more consistent and accurate than caliper or tape measurements. Get a real image of your weight loss over time.


  • Track your progress

  • See postural changes

  • Pinpoint weight loss

  • Detect health risks

  • Assess the effectiveness of your training program

  • Determine body fat percentage

Body Analysis Scan

How It Works

What Our Clients Say

Kerry M.

Rock is amazing. He is so incredibly knowledgable about the body, and not only did amazing structural integration work for me, but also taught me so much about the fascial network of the body. His work has had lasting profound effects on my posture and wellbeing - I'm feeling more strength and stability in my feet, my hips are more aligned, and I just feel more grounded. Highly recommend!

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