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SINCE 2015

It's not a workout. It's a way of life.

Private Fitness Education

We offer private fitness education tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our one-on-one sessions provide personalized attention, allowing every aspect of your fitness journey to be addressed. From functional movement and foundational pattern training to customized nutrition coaching and structural alignment, we create a comprehensive plan that supports your overall well-being. Our private setting allows for a focused, distraction-free environment where you can learn, grow, and achieve your fitness objectives with confidence and clarity.

Emily H.

“I started working with Rock three months ago and have seen very quick improvement in muscle mass and overall fitness. Our sessions have helped me also build healthier habits outside of the gym. I was looking for an instructor that was focused on longevity versus using shame or vanity as a motivator. I got lucky to stumble upon Rock as this is exactly his philosophy as well. The clean, private gym and top-of-the-line equipment is also a plus creating a very safe space to work out."
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I wanted a safe, clean, well-equipped, and ethically run environment where people could be empowered to live authentically. So, I built it.



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