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As we embark on our journey of movement and self-discovery, we must first recognize the importance of vitality. Vitality is not just about feeling alive and energized, it's about having something in your life that both feeds and stimulates you, providing you with as much energy as you put in, if not more.

As we begin to move our bodies once again, we start to shed old patterns and release the tension that has built up over time. We let go of the times we had to grit our teeth and push through the pain, and we release the memories of old injuries and physical limitations.

What we discover is that movement begets movement. It's like a perpetual motion machine, where the energy we put into our bodies is returned to us in the form of vitality and energy. When we move without being stuck, we feel alive and energized, and our bodies crave more movement.

As we delve deeper into the connection between movement and nourishment, we begin to realize the importance of food in fueling our bodies. We come to understand that certain foods can affect our heart health, and that excess fat around the heart can make it harder for our hearts to keep up with the demands of our muscles.

So let us embrace the power of movement and vitality, and let go of the old patterns and limitations that have held us back. Let us nourish our bodies with movement and nourishing foods, and discover the joy and freedom that comes with a healthy, vital body.

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